About Dahls¨

Dahls¨ is a bit of a family heirloom.

Although I’ve created it from scratch, I can’t turn my back to what has brought me so far and to all what lead me to do what I am doing today.

There is, indeed, this Scandinavian touch, slick, practical and kind of cold that you might recognize in my pieces. It comes from my roots, which you can guess in the name (comes from Dahlström).

There is also the kitchen side. I’ve always liked to eat, and a lot, thanks to my father, my grandmother, and now to my brother. Plus I’ve been in the restaurant industry for quite a while now.

Then, my environment. My city, Montréal, which sweats culture, art, makers and doers –my studio mates for instance. This city allowed me to dive into this adventure whithout a doubt.

            So Dahls¨ is a bit of all of the above, but is, to everybody, aprons. Every single one is handmade in Montreal, with a special attention to materials-cotton and leather, all natural, and the way they’ll last.