Custom / Bespoke service

Eight years in, and my main occupation is still making aprons.

All this time, I've been able to work one product, decline it in a few different colors, and still satisfy new and returning customers, fitting restaurant, bars and coffee shops staffs, as well as please you, at home, with a single piece of my work. No matter who buys, it sill brings me joy and pride, knowing that the same product, with very few alteration, is still "working" and still catching the eye.

However, something slowly came along the way: custom orders.

Since sewing was (and for most of the production, still is) done by Sylvie (same sower since 2012, she's never worked further than 5km from my studio), it was hard for me to accept any request, especially individual ones. But branding became a thing, and I now use the service of a screenprinter (Iris at La Bourgeoise Sérigraphe) and an embroiderer, both located in Montreal, when professional ask to.

In 2017, Josée Préfontaine at Restaurant L'Express in Montréal came to me asking for a big bag to carry bread in the restaurant, since this typical Parisian brasserie would serve bread to every table, thus serving a large number of baguettes everyday. The bag had to be practical, discreet, easy to carry and able to fit 30 of them. Using the same pattern as my tote bags and 12oz natural canvas, I was able to make her dream bag, with a long cross body strap and two small one on both sides.

I made a few of them, and Josée renewed the order two years later. I was happy the bags were efficient for such a long time, being used everyday and washed at least every week!

Recently, a request came in for table bread baskets for a new place in town, and prototypes have already been made. Stay tuned!